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Whether or not we realize it, nutrition has a tremendous impact on our lives.  Nutrition affects the way we look, feel, think, and live.  It affects our mood, our self-esteem, our social lives, romantic relationships, and careers. Nutrition even affects our spiritual lives and our consciousness.   Without question, what we put into our bodies can make us lazy, sad and depressed, or overflowing with energy, joy and happiness.

Due to mass food production, the increase of processed foods on our supermarket shelves, genetic engineering, hormones in our meat and fish supply, and an overabundance of artificial ingredients, it is difficult for consumers to avoid harmful chemicals and toxins, which can create disease.  Fortunately, the increase in awareness about food and the availability of natural and organic food stores provide hope for the food industry and the health of its consumers.

Most illnesses can be aided or even cured with a proper diet.  Many people experience physical symptoms such as eczema, psoriasis, weight gain, headaches, bloating, allergies, and a slew of others simply because they are eating foods that do not agree with them.  It can be difficult for one to realize that his or her headache is caused by the caffeine consumed earlier in the day, or the bloating experienced after most meals is due to a wheat or dairy sensitivity.  It is difficult to recognize that a skin rash that appears seemingly out of nowhere is the effect of consuming soy two days prior.  These delayed onset food sensitivities can be tricky to recognize and are quite common.

It is important to understand which foods will provide energy to one's system, and the foods that will sap energy from the body.  Each individual’s ideal diet will differ, since we are biologically unique.  For this reason, it is very important that we pay attention to our own body only.  Most fad diets are ineffective for weight loss or gain, overall health, and happiness, because they do not cater to the individual. 

As your Holistic Nutrition Coach, I will provide individual attention to meet your specific needs. We will work together to:

• Set goals
• Address any physical symptoms
• Determine the appropriate foods for you
• Integrate new, healthier foods into your diet
• Make simple lifestyle changes
• Create an awareness while eating
• Create a healthier relationship with food
• Educate you about food so you can draw your own conclusions

As a result you will:
• Better understand the importance of food and nutrition
• Be knowledgeable about your personal nutrition needs
• Feel confident in choosing and preparing food for yourself
• Feel better in your body
• Experience an increase in your energy and vitality
• Experience an increase in overall happiness in your life

I used to hide from the doctor because I was ashamed of my inability to control my diet; I didn't want to have to take medicine.  Even though I'm always rushing around and don't have much time to think about my diet, Cheryl helped me to make a really simple eating plan that I could follow. I feel a lot better now!

-Bradley, New York, NY

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